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Effective, Streak-free, Quick, and Easy! ORGANIC GLO PURE PREMIUM OILS are the ideal stage preparation products for serious bodybuilders and physique models, regardless of skin type or tan.

ORGANIC GLO products are unique. They provide a healthy, synthetics-free base that shields your skin from toxic chemicals found in most cream and spray-on tanning products. Amazingly, they hold on to color, ensuring a bright, natural, streak-free, long-lasting hue, yet they wash off effortlessly after use! ORGANIC GLO is an industry game-changer!

"This amazing new product line
represents the long-awaited, organic,
chemical-free, evolution
of body oils. It's Awesome!"

Erik Alstrup

Drug-Free Pro bodybuilder;
Overall Champion
Canadian Bodybuilding Championships;
Multi-Sport Athlete

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Organic Glo Posing Oil

Tropical Scented GLO POSING OIL is the IDEAL TOPCOAT for NATURAL-, UV BED-, or SPRAY-TANNERS. For a reflective, glossy, non-greasy finish, 1) Apply OVER your well-set tan using STRONG SWIPES. Then RE-SWIPE to RE-ACTIVATE your glow! 2) SWIPE DIRECTLY onto skin for a smooth, natural, sexy shine, or 3) MIX 4 full droppers into your daily moisturizer as a 'nutrient-boost'. Your skin will thank you!

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Glo Gel Posing Oil

CREAM-TANNERS, BRONZERS, or any athlete who PREFERS A THICKER, LESS REFLECTIVE TOPCOAT, Tropical Scented GLO GEL is perfect for you! To use this long-lasting, streak-free, OPTIMIZED NATURAL GLAZE, simply 1) PAT IT ON prior to staging, or 2) MIX 2 full droppers into your cream tan for a unique One-Step Stage Prep. Reveal every natural line and make your tan color a work of art with GLO GEL!

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Glo Primer Posing Oil

Multi-Use, Unscented GLO PRIMER 'primes' your skin for the rigors of stage preparation. Simply, 1) MIX 4 full droppers of GLO PRIMER into your daily moisturizer as a 'nutrient-boost', 2) MIX 4 full droppers into a full jar of cream tan and SWIPE ON for a unique One-Step Stage Prep, or 3) SWIPE ON as a 'chemical-blocking base', overlay with any tanner, and finish with any GLO TOPCOAT. Perfect and Protect your skin with GLO PRIMER!

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